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Cognitive therapy

basics and beyond / Judith S. Beck ; foreword by Aaron T. Beck


Cognitive therapy

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New York


Guilford Press

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xiv, 338 p.

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 325-330) and index



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Ch. 1. Introduction -- Ch. 2. Cognitive Conceptualization -- Ch. 3. Structure of the First Therapy Session -- Ch. 4. Session Two and Beyond: Structure and Format -- Ch. 5. Problems with Structuring the Therapy Session -- Ch. 6. Identifying Automatic Thoughts -- Ch. 7. Identifying Emotions -- Ch. 8. Evaluating Automatic Thoughts -- Ch. 9. Responding to Automatic Thoughts -- Ch. 10. Identifying and Modifying Intermediate Beliefs -- Ch. 11. Core Beliefs -- Ch. 12. Additional Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques -- Ch. 13. Imagery -- Ch. 14. Homework -- Ch. 15. Termination and Relapse Prevention -- Ch. 16. Treatment Planning -- Ch. 17. Problems in Therapy -- Ch. 18. Progressing as a Cognitive Therapist -- Appendix A. Case Summary Worksheet -- Appendix B.A Basic Cognitive Therapy Reading List for Therapists -- Appendix C. Cognitive Therapy Reading List for Patients (and Therapists) -- Appendix D. Cognitive Therapy Resources


Since its development in the 1960s as a structured, short-term psychotherapy for depression, cognitive therapy has come of age. Today the approach is successfully applied in the treatment of a broad range of psychological disorders. Providing readers with a solid foundation for practice, this book delineates the fundamental building blocks of cognitive conceptualization and treatment. Written in step-by-step style, this text helps therapists sharpen their conceptualization skills, plan more effective treatment, expand their repertoire of techniques, and trouble-shoot difficulties. Throughout the volume, the author offers clinical examples and transcripts drawn from patient treatments.--From publisher description

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