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Cognition, computation, and consciousness

ed. by Masao Ito, Yasushi Miyashita, and Edmund T. Rolls


Cognition, computation, and consciousness

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Oxford University Press

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vi, 266 pages



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Consciousness : a philosophical tour / Owen Flanagan and Güven Güzeldere --Consciousness in human and robot minds / Daniel C. Dennett --Consciousness and the mind-body problem / Junichi Murata --Understanding consciousness : the case of sleep and dreams / Owen Flanagan --Why can't I control my brain? Aspects of conscious experience / Michael S. Gazzaniga --Brain mechanisms of vision, memory, and consciousness / Edmund T. Rolls --Single neurons, communal goals, and consciousness / Horace Barlow --Automaticity : from reflective to reflexive information processing in the human brain / Marcus E. Raichle --Neuronal origin of visual imagery / Yasushi Miyashita --Awareness of memory deficit / Hirotaka Tanabe --Body awareness and its disorders / Atsushi Yamadori --Language, spatial cognition, and the brain / Ursula Bellugi and Edward S. Klima --The coherence definition of consciousness / Christoph von der Malsberg --Neurodynamics and brain mechanisms / Jack D. Cowan --Bidirectional theory approach to consciousness / Mitsuo Kawato --The computational role of conscious processing in a model of semantic memory / R. Lauro-Grotto, S. Reich, and M.A. Virasoro

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