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Cognition and emotion

reviews of current research and theories / ed. by J. De Houwer and D. Hermans


Cognition and emotion

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Psychology Press

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x, 347 p.



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Theories of emotion causation : a review / Agnes Moors --Do feelings have a mind of their own? / Jan de Houwer and Dirk Hermans --Perception and categorisation of emotional stimuli : a review / Tobias Brosch, Gilles Pourtois and David Sander --Measures of emotion : a review / Iris B. Mauss and Michael D. Robinson --Psychology of emotion regulation : an integrative review / Sander L. Koole --Emotion and memory narrowing : a review and goal-relevance approach / Linda J. Levine and Robin S. Edelstein --Effects of emotion on attention : a review of attentional processing of emotional information / Jenny Yiend --Influence of affect on higher level cognition : a review of research on interpretation, judgement, decision making and reasoning / Isabelle Blanchette and Anne Richards.

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