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Christianity in ancient Rome

the first three centuries / Bernard Green


Christianity in ancient Rome

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T & T Clark

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ix, 258 p.



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1) The city of Rome - size, ethnic and cultural diversity; the Jewish community, large but very different from that in Alexandria; 2) Christianity's origins in Rome; the Letter to the Romans; persecution under Nero; the separation of Christianity from Judaism earlier in Rome than almost anywhere else; the Christian claim to be the true Israel in 1 Clement (96) and the Shepherd of Hermas (c 130); 3) Disputes in Rome about the core doctrines of Christianity; Valentinus and gnosticism; Marcion and the Old Testament; Justin and the Logos doctrine and self-justification to the pagan world; Sabellius and modalism; 4) The evolution of the papacy - when and how? Hippolytus and Callistus; the catacombs; 5) The 3rd century crisis of the Empire - Rome no longer the capital; persecutions of Decius and Valerian; Rome and Cyprian of Carthage on the lapsed and the Novatian schism (the meaning and character of the Church); survival and growth of the Roman Church; the use of Latin instead of Greek; 6) Constantine: the end of persecution; triumph at Rome in 312; his buildings and patronage - the Lateran, St Peter's etc; Christianity in the city and the cult of martyrs; the figure of the pope.

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