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Человек, субъект, Dasein

А. Паткуль


Человек, субъект, Dasein


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The correlation of concepts of human being, subject and Dasein in Heidegger's fundamental ontology is analyzed in this article. The analysis is made on two levels: metaphysical (ontical) and transcendental (ontological). The conclusion is the following: the concept of Dasein can not be identified with concepts of human being and subject. But two last concepts are derivative from the concept of Dasein. Human being as a metaphysical essence and subject are misunderstood Dasein. Dasein is adequate ontological, but not subjective-ontical definition of human being.

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correlation of fundamental ontology, dasein, existential analytics of Dasein, Heidegger's fundamental ontology, human being, possible philosophical anthropology, subject

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Topos: философско-культурологический журнал. – 2007. – № 3 (17). – С. 46–60.

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