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Chaos and complexity

scientific perspectives on divine action / ed. R. J. Russell [at ol.]


Chaos and complexity

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Berkeley, CA


University of Notre Dame Press

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416 p


Series on Scientific perspectives on divine action

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Chaos / James P. Crutchfield, J. Doyne Farmer, Norman H. Packard, and Robert S. Shaw --Chaos : a mathematical introduction with philosophical reflections / Wesley J. Wildman and Robert John Russell --Understanding complexity / Bernd-Olaf Küppers --Chaos, probability, and the comprehensibility of the world / Michael Heller --Chance and law in irreversible thermodynamics, theoretical biology, and theology / Arthur R. Peacocke --The metaphysics of divine action / John Polkinghorne --The discovery of chaos and the retrieval of the Trinity / Denis Edwards --Divine providence and instrumentality : metaphors for time in self-organizing systems and divine action / Stephen Happel --Reflections on chaos and God's interaction with the world from a trinitarian perspective / Jürgen Moltmann --The God of nature / Langdon Gilkey --Gaps for God? / Willem B. Drees --Describing God's action in the world in light of scientific knowledge of reality / William R. Stoeger --God's interaction with the world : the implications of deterministic "chaos" and of interconnected and interdependent complexity / Arthur R. Peacocke --Particular providence and the God of the gaps / Thomas F. Tracy --Divine action in the natural order : Buridan's ass and Schrödinger's cat / Nancey Murphy --Ordinary and extraordinary divine action : the nexus of interaction / George F.R. Ellis.

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