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Challenges and choices

constructionist perspectives on social problems / ed. by James A. Holstein, Gale Miller


Challenges and choices

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Aldine de Gruyter

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vi, 262 p.


Social problems and social issues



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Part 1. Enduring challenges. Claims-making discourse and vernacular resources / Peter R. Ibarra and John I. Kitsuse --But seriously folks: the limitations of the strict constructionist interpretation of social problems / Joel Best --Social constructionist interpretation of social problems work / James A. Holstein and Gale Miller --Claims-making from the underside: marginalization and social problems analysis / Leslie J. Miller --Conditions, people, morality and emotion: expanding the agenda of constructionism / Donileen R. Loseke --Part 2. Contemporary choices. Staying alive: prospects for constructionist theory / Joel Best --Interactional dynamics in public problems marketplaces: movements and the counterframing and reframing of public problems / Robert D. Benford and Scott A. Hunt --A constructionist analytics for social problems / James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium --Explaining social problems: addressing the whys of social constructionism / Cynthia J. Bogard --Getting serious about an applied constructionism of social problems / Gale Miller

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