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Buddhist dynamics in premodern and early modern Southeast Asia

ed. by D. Christian Lammerts


Buddhist dynamics in premodern and early modern Southeast Asia

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ISEAS Publishing, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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x, 440 p.


Nalanda-Sriwijaya series ; 24



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Introduction / D. Christian Lammerts --An untraced Buddhist verse inscription from (pen)insular Southeast Asia / Peter Skilling --How many monks? Quantitative and demographic archaeological approaches to Buddhism in northeast Thailand and central Laos, sixth to eleventh centuries CE / Stephen A. Murphy --Miniature stūpas and a Buddhist sealing from Candi Gentong, Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java / Titi Surti Nastiti --A bronze hoard from Muara Kaman, Kutei / E. Edwards McKinnon --Re-exploring the Buddhist "foundation deposits" at Chedi Chula Prathon, Nakhon Pathom / Nicolas Revire --Aspects of Buddhism in tenth-century Cambodia / Hiram Woodward --Revisiting the cult of "Śiva-Buddha" in Java and Bali / Andrea Acri --Building a Buddhist monarchy in Đại Việt: temples and texts under Lý Nhân-tông (r. 1072-1127) / John K. Whitmore --Sīhaḷa Saṅgha and Laṅkā in later premodern Southeast Asia / Anne M. Blackburn --Dynamics of monastic mobility and networking in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century upper Burma / Alexey Kirichenko --Buddhist diplomacy: confrontation and political rhetoric in the exchange of letters between King Alaungmintaya and King Banya Dala of Pegu (1755-56) / Jacques P. Leider --Court Buddhism in Thai-Khmer relations during the reign of King Rama IV (King Mongkut) / Santi Pakdeekham.

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