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Bodies of technology

women's involvement with reproductive medicine / ed. by A. R. Saetnan, N. Oudshoorn, M. Kirejczyk


Bodies of technology

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Ohio State University Press

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x, 461 p.


Women and health



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Women's involvement with reproductive medicine : introducing shared concepts. Conceptions and counterperceptions : user involvement in the development of contraceptive technologies. Maverick reproductive scientists and the production of contraceptives, 1915-2000+ --Do users matter? -- Imagined men : representations of masculinities in discourses on male contraceptive technology -- Parenting the pill : early testing of the contraceptive pill. Users, values, and markets : shaping users through the cultural and legal appropriation of in vitro fertilization. Enculturation through script selection : political discourse and practice of in vitro fertilization in The Netherlands -- The lack and the "need" of regulation for assisted fertilization : the Italian case -- Riddled with secrecy and unethical practices : assisted reproduction in India -- Regulating reproduction -- Gender-based management of new reproductive technologies : a comparison between in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Clinical encounters : Users and the cultural appropriation of fetal diagnostics. Screening through the media : the public presentation of science and technology in the ultrasound diagnostics controversies -- Thirteen women's narratives of pregnancy, ultrasound, and self -- Magic and a little bit of science : technoscience, ethnosicence, and the social construction of the fetus -- Para sacarse la espina (To get rid of the doubt) : Mexican immigrant women's amniocentesis decisions -- Cross-cultural cyborgs : Greek and Canadian women's discourses on fetal ultrasound -- Situating fetoscopy within medical literature and lived experience : an opening for social analysis.

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