Behavioral methods in consciousness research

ed. by M. Overgaard
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Oxford, UK
Oxford University Press
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ix, 268 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates
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Consciousness research methods : the empirical "hard problem" ; The challenge of measuring consciousness / Morten Overgaard --How can we measure awareness? An overview of current methods / Bert Timmermans and Axel Cleeremans --Unmasking the pitfalls of the masking method in consciousness research / Talis Bachmann --A behavioral method to manipulate metacognitive awareness independent of stimulus awareness / Amanda Song, Ai Koizumi, and Hakwan C. Lau --Inferences about consciousness using subjective reports of confidence / Maxine T. Sherman, Adam B. Barrett, and Ryota Kanai --Direct and indirect measures of statistical learning / Arnaud Destrebecqz [and others] --Binocular rivalry and other forms of visual bistability / Jan Brascamp --Intentional binding : a measure of agency / Mads Jensen, Steven Di Costa, and Patrick Haggard --Measuring consciousness with confidence ratings / Elisabeth Norman and Mark C. Price --Using the perceptual awareness scale (PAS) / Kristian Sandberg and Morten Overgaard --How Bayesian statistics are needed to determine whether mental states are unconscious / Zoltan Dienes --Handling the p, and how real evidence goes beyond p-values / Kim Mouridsen --Variability, convergence, and dimensions of consciousness / Colin Klein and Jakob Hohwy
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