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Art matters, Volume 3.

E. Hermens


Art matters, Volume 3.

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Waanders Publishers

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176 pages


Netherlands Technical Studies in Art

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Original gilding on auricular frames : unusual gilding techniques practiced in Holland, 1640s-1670s / Hubert Baija -- Pieter de Grebber and the Oranjezaal in Huis ten Bosch : part I : the Regulen (1649) / Margriet van Eikema Hommes -- Pieter de Grebber and the Oranjezaal in Huis ten Bosch : part II : variations in painting technique / Margriet van Eikema Hommes and Lidwien Speleers -- Painting techniques of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1868-1919 / Aviva Burnstock, Klaas Jan van den Berg and John House -- A technical examination of Odilon Redon's paintings from the Bonger collection, Van Gogh Museum / René Boitelle, Klaas Jan van den Berg and Eva Goetz -- Many hands make light work : the seventeenth-century Antwerp interior with figures before a picture collection / Maartje Witlox -- A preliminary study on Paulus Potter's (1625-1654) painting technique / Ige Verslype -- An investigation of organic red pigments used in paintings by Vincent van Gogh (November 1885 to February 1888) / Maarten van Bommel, Muriel Geldof and Ella Hendriks -- Earth matters : the origin of the material used for the preparation of the Night Watch and many other canvases in Rembrandt's workshop after 1640 / Karin M. Groen -- Short communications, announcements and book review : degraded redwood lake identified in a strongly fluorescing glaze in Anthony van Dyck's Head of a young man / Barbara Schoonhoven -- Painted decorations in the Rijksmuseum : the reconstruction of Cuypers / Anne van Grevenstein

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