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Arguing about war

M. Walzer


Arguing about war

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New Haven


Yale University Press

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XV-208 p.



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The triumph of just war theory (and the dangers of success) -- Two kinds of military responsibility -- Emergency ethics -- Terrorism : a critique of excuses -- The politics of rescue -- Justice and injustice in the Gulf War -- Kosovo -- The Intifada and the Green Line -- The four wars of Israel/Palestine -- After 9/11 : five questions about terrorism -- Five on Iraq -- Governing the globe


Michael Walzer is one of the world's most eminent philosophers on the subject of war and ethics. Now, for the first time since his classic Just and Unjust Wars was published almost three decades ago, this volume brings together his most provocative arguments about contemporary military conflicts and the ethical issues they raise." "The essays in the book are divided into three sections. The first deals with issues such as nuclear deterrence, humanitarian intervention, and terrorism. The second consists of Walzer's responses to particular wars, including the first Gulf War and the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. And in the third Walzer imagines a future in which war might play a less significant part in our lives. In his introduction to the book, Walzer explains that his thinking has changed over time.

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