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Alternative Europe

eurotrash and exploitation cinema since 1945 / ed. by Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik


Alternative Europe

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xiii, 269 p.





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Contents: Making sense of extreme confusion : European exploitation and underground cinema / Ernest Mathijs and Xavier Mendik; -'The film you are about to see is based on fact' : Italian Nazi sexploitation cinema / Mikel J. Koven; -Deep inside Queen Kong : anatomy of an extremely bad film / I.Q. Hunter; The Schoolgirl reports and the guilty pleasure of history / Jennifer Fay; Violence, timing and the comedy team in Alex de la Iglesia's Muertos de risa / Dona M. Kercher; Alternative Belgian cinema and cultural identity : S. and the Affaire Dutroux / Ernest Mathijs; Violent justice : Italian crime/cop films of the 1970s / Christopher Barry; Mise-en-sc©·nes of the impossible : Soviet and Russian horror films / Christina Stojanova; Masochistic cinesexuality : the many deaths of Giovanni Lombardo Radice / Patricia MacCormack; Male masochism, male monsters : an interview with Giovanni Lombardo Radice / interview by Patricia MacCormack; Barred nuns : Italian nunsploitation films / Tamao Nakahara; Emmanuelle enterprises / Garett Chaffin-Quiray; Black sex, bad sex : monstrous ethnicity in the Black Emanuelle films / Xavier Mendik; Jean Rollin : Le sang d'un po©·te du cinema / Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc; Burning oil and baby oil : bloody pit of horror / Leon Hunt; Trans-European excess : an interview with Brian Yuzna / interview by Xavier Mendik; Jorg Buttgereits's Nekromantiks : things to do in Germany with the dead / Linnie Blake; A very German post-mortem : Jorg Buttgereit and co-writer/assistant director Franz Rodenkirchen speak / interviews by Marcelle Perks; A report on the Espoo Cin©· Festival / Tuomas Riskala; The Fantastisk Film Festival : an overview and interview with Magnus Paulsson / interview by Xavier Mendik; The tasks of the European underground : a letter to Luis Bu©łuel / Benjamin Halligan.


Topics such as Russian, Belgian and Italian horror cinema, Gothic musclemen movies, Nazi 'sexploitation' cycles, German erotic cinema and European 'rogue cop' thrillers are considered, and includes interviews with trash directors and icons.

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