Alternative Europe

eurotrash and exploitation cinema since 1945 / ed. by Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik
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xiii, 269 p.
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Making sense of extreme confusion : European exploitation and underground cinema / Ernest Mathijs and Xavier Mendik --'The film you are about to see is based on fact' : Italian Nazi sexploitation cinema / Mikel J. Koven --Deep inside Queen Kong : anatomy of an extremely bad film / I.Q. Hunter --The Schoolgirl reports and the guilty pleasure of history / Jennifer Fay --Violence, timing and the comedy team in Alex de la Iglesia's Muertos de risa / Dona M. Kercher --Alternative Belgian cinema and cultural identity : S. and the Affaire Dutroux / Ernest Mathijs --Violent justice : Italian crime/cop films of the 1970s / Christopher Barry --Mise-en-sc©·nes of the impossible : Soviet and Russian horror films / Christina Stojanova --Masochistic cinesexuality : the many deaths of Giovanni Lombardo Radice / Patricia MacCormack --Male masochism, male monsters : an interview with Giovanni Lombardo Radice / interview by Patricia MacCormack --Barred nuns : Italian nunsploitation films / Tamao Nakahara --Emmanuelle enterprises / Garett Chaffin-Quiray --Black sex, bad sex : monstrous ethnicity in the Black Emanuelle films / Xavier Mendik --Jean Rollin : Le sang d'un po©·te du cinema / Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc --Burning oil and baby oil : bloody pit of horror / Leon Hunt --Trans-European excess : an interview with Brian Yuzna / interview by Xavier Mendik --Jorg Buttgereits's Nekromantiks : things to do in Germany with the dead / Linnie Blake --A very German post-mortem : Jorg Buttgereit and co-writer/assistant director Franz Rodenkirchen speak / interviews by Marcelle Perks --A report on the Espoo Cin©· Festival / Tuomas Riskala --The Fantastisk Film Festival : an overview and interview with Magnus Paulsson / interview by Xavier Mendik --The tasks of the European underground : a letter to Luis Bu©łuel / Benjamin Halligan
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