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Alibis of empire

Henry Maine and the ends of liberal imperialism / Karuna Mantena


Alibis of empire

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Princeton, NJ


Princeton University Press

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x, 269 p.



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Acknowledgments ix INTRODUCTION: The Ideological Origins of Indirect Rule 1 CHAPTER ONE: The Crisis of Liberal Imperialism 21 CHAPTER TWO: Inventing Traditional Society: Empire and the Origins of Social Theory 56 CHAPTER THREE: Codification in the East andWest 89 CHAPTER FOUR: The Nineteenth-Century Debate on Property 119 CHAPTER FIVE: Native Society in Crisis: Conceptual Foundations of Indirect Rule 148 CODA: Liberalism and Empire Reconsidered 179 Notes 189 Bibliography 227 Index 255


Chronicles the origins, and afterlife of late imperial ideology. This title challenges the idea that Victorian empire was legitimated by liberal notions of progress and civilization. It examines how the Victorian legal scholar Henry Maine's sociotheoretic model of 'traditional' society laid the groundwork for the culturalist logic of late empire.

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