African indigenous knowledge and the sciences

journeys into the past and present / ed. by G. T. Emeagwali, E. Shizha
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220 p.
Anti-colonial educational perspectives for transformative change, 4
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Introduction / E. Shizha & G. Emeagwali. --Part 1: Epistemological and pedagogical issues (Interconnecting history, African indigenous knowledge sustems and science / G. Emeagwali & E. Shizha. Pedagogical principles in technology education: an indigenous perspective / M.T. Gumbo. Schooling and the African child: bridging African epistemology and Eurocentric physical sciences / Y. Gwekwerere. African indigenous perspectices on technology / E. Shizha). Part 2: Indigenous physics and cosmology (Time: an African cultural perspective / V. Mpofu. Interrogating the concept of time among the Shona : a postcolonial discourse / F. Muchenje, R.B. Gora & N. Makuvaza. Indigenous physics and the academy / M. Sithole. Tiv diviniation / A. Pine. The stellar knowledge of indigenous South Africa). Part 3: Architecture (Nigerian walls and earthworks / P. Darling. Enclosures of the Old Oyo Empire, Nigeria / D.A. Aremu. Enclosures of Northern Yorubaland, Nigeria / A. Usman). Part 4: Medicine (African traditional medicine revisited / G. Emeagwali. Ethnomusicologists and medical practitioners in healthcare delivery in Nigeria / C.O. Aluede & V. Aiwuyo. Using indigenous narrative therapy with people of the African diaspora / E.E. Ngazimbi). Part 5: Metallurgy (Iron metallurgy in Ancient Sudan / J. Spaulding. Iron-smelting in Nigeria / P. Darling)
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