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its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education / G. S. Hall



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New York


D. Appleton

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2 vol.

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v.1. Preface ; Growth in height and weight ; Growth of parts and organs during adolescence ; Growth of motor power and function ; Diseases of body and mind ; Juvenile faults, immoralities, and crimes ; Sexual development: its dangers and hygiene in boys ; Periodicity ; Adolescence in literature, biography, and history --v. 2. Changes in the senses and the voice ; Evolution and the feelings and instincts characteristic of normal adolescence ; Adolescent love ; Adolescent feelings toward nature and a new education in science ; Savage public initiations, classical ideals and customs, and church confirmation ; The adolescent psychology of conversion ; Social instincts and institutions ; Intellectual development and education ; Adolescent girls and their education ; Ethnic psychology and pedagogy, or adolescent races and their treatment.

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